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Do you have a business and looking for presence on top page of Google? We at Chartelligence provide 100% safe SEO services in Bangalore that can rank your website forever and keep getting you new business. Why us?

  • We have a top SEO experts, analysts and specialists with years of experience in SEO

  • Optimized more than 300 websites for different businesses.

  • A firm that has deep perception in understanding and implementing the right SEO strategies.

  • Our results are guaranteed as per the timelines we quote.

  • Customized SEO packages that can save money to clients.

  • Weekly SEO Reports on the progress happening.

  • We follow updated SEO strategies.

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Beginner to Advanced SEO Solutions under one roof!

Be you want to start your SEO new or your website SEO is spoiled by a another SEO company. We are here to help you

We define your SEO success in the beginning itself

It is very difficult to hire a right Freelancer, or a company to do your SEO. Everyone says they are great, follows advanced tactics and assured results. You may be greatly confused of whom to choose. Another great factor at which you may fall victim is by seeing their low quotes. Never believe low quoting guys, because SEO is not cheap nor easy. It needs lot of expertise and one needs to have a great experience. With us, we have huge portfolio and client talks that we can show you. 

Our SEO Services

SEO services that are really deep to rank your website. We are first in Bangalore to avail these SEO strategies.

Bangalore's first advanced Google Local map optimization company following the strategies that convince Google algorithm to rank your map. We optimize your Google business Local map to the popular search phrases your customer uses to find you. This is a 3 to 6 months strategy to rank your map. We follow the advanced local map optimization tactics which no one else follows to establish the local and niche relevancy to your map.

Provide the full pledged SEO services based on a region. If your business needs only a region based visibility on Google, then we are ultra focussed to bring for that regions. Example regons include Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi.etc

We provide exlcusive On-page optimization for your website. Our On-page optimization tactics are way beyond changing meta title, description, URL, heading tags and Keywords stuffing. We establish a great niche and local relevancy to make you a winner in ranking your website. Our on-page activities will go for 2 to 3 months.

Being fully aware of the SEO backlink trends, we follow the 100% safe backlink strategies while building the backlinks. We examine your website before undertaking for exclusive off-page optimization. We take only if your backlink profile is healthy and natural.

We provide Google Penalty recovery services. We work to remove algorithmic and manual penalties that your website may suffer with. Timelines and prices are described based on the severity of the penalty.

We provide Anchor text profile optimization services. This is the crucial part in ranking any website. We can naturalize the overly optimized anchor profiles and make the website to rank.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing can greatly improve online sales in very short span. We have developed advanced Digital Marketing techniques for harnessing full power of internet.

Digital Marketing is one of the powerful tools that most of the digital marketers around the world use to promote the products and services online. It is also the most easiest means to get more exposure and an excellent marketing method. If you are thinking of an easy, effective and efficient method to promote your products online, then you must definitely try out digital marketing. Driving targeted traffic to your website, and converting them into sales are the key benefits of it.

You can easily grow your customer base and online network marketing and drastically improve your sales. You can work in various aspects of your online business and see the difference for yourself. But where and how you want to use it in your marketing efforts, that’s your call.

It is very important how you design your content and should be in-line with the interests of your targeted audience, because these are going to be main traffic channel to your website. And you must enjoy the excitement of writing content for your digital marketing to promote your business in Bangalore.

If you are on a tight budget, there is no better way to market your products than digital marketing. The sole intention of any marketing method is to drive in boat loads of visitors every day, day in and day out.

When you submit your right content it will not only drive more and more visitors to your site, but also improves your sites position in the search engines.

To gain the maximum out of your digital marketing efforts, it is highly important that your content is human readable, informative and adds value to your reader which greatly improves your search engines visibility. This way you will get training for your career in digital marketing, also develop your public relations, positioning, branding and visibility of your website in all major search engines. And you are getting absolutely targeted traffic to your sites.

To get targeted traffic you must take care that you work to the most appropriate categories. And you must also make sure that you write highly relevant and informative content that help in resolving your readers’ problems if you want to get more and more visitors to your site.

Digital marketing is not just restricted to one or two marketing methods. It is an experiment of a mixture of marketing methods, so you must not depend on just one form of promotional method. It must be a blend of at least 4 or 5 methods. Because things change pretty fast over the web, so you can’t depend on just one approach through out your life. Your online success mostly depends on your niche, your product, your audience and loads of other factors. So in order to get the most out of your digital marketing endeavor you must possess a solid understanding of the various techniques and methods involved in it. And the best way to attain that is to pick up a successful digital marketer.

What our SEO clients are saying

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Great SEO Results by Chartelligence team. Got these guys after searching 3 SEO companies. My website for educational courses is outranking all my competitors and ranking on top of Google. Expanding my business now.

Sameer Vepsun Technologies
Santosh Nataraj

Great analysis and projection by Chartelligence team. My website is consistently ranked for top competitve keyword "People counting system" from 3 years.

Santosh Nataraj Delopt Systems

Flow of business enquiries are increased by 10 times due to organic SEO traffic. Feeling fortunate to find Chartelligence guys after 4 SEO freelancers.

Atreyee Choudhary De Panache Interiors

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